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Keep Cool With Our Air Conditioning Repairs Around Adelaide

When air conditioning needs repairs around Adelaide, it is always better to choose professionals with a history of successful projects. Our team has the necessary experience and qualifications, whether for residential properties, commercial properties, or businesses. Make sure your temperature control works with AEP Air & Refrigeration.

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Signs You Need Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Repairs

Understanding when to seek assistance with your air conditioning, whether in Adelaide Hills or surrounds, is already half the battle won. Here are some examples of when to seek repairs for your air conditioners:

  • Your air conditioner seems to push through less air than usual.

  • Strange noises are coming from your air conditioner.

  • The temperature doesn’t quite feel as cold or warm as it used to on the same settings.

  • You notice a foul smell coming from the air conditioner, whether on or off.

  • You have noticed water leaks in the air conditioner system.

When to Seek Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs for Ducted Systems

While ducted and wall-mounted systems share similarities regarding signs of errors or breakages, they also have notable differences. Here are some ways to identify if your ducted systems need attention:

  • You hear noise from the ducts.

  • There is a sudden spike in energy consumption on the property when running the air conditioner.

  • People around the system have been experiencing allergies or respiratory problems.

  • The ducted system leaves different rooms at different temperatures.

  • You’ve noticed signs of a bug or rodent infestation in the system.


Book Repairs for Your Air Conditioning Around Mt Barker Today

If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, your air conditioner is likely in need of repair. Book a call out now, and we will come by to investigate and advise accordingly. Stay in control of your temperature control with AEP Air & Refrigeration.

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