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air conditioning maintenance

The Right Air Conditioning Servicing in Adelaide

Is your air conditioner noisy or not cooling as expected? Did you know that all air conditioners must be regularly serviced to maintain optimal performance and prevent runaway electricity consumption? AEP Air & Refrigeration provides superior air conditioning servicing in Adelaide that will have your A/C unit back to its cool self in no time.


Reasons You Need Professional Air Conditioning Servicing

An air conditioner is a fairly simple machine in theory but putting it into practice requires a lot of different components that must work efficiently as a whole unit. Each of these integral components is affected differently by neglect and a lack of servicing, yet they each have the same effect on the A/C unit: less cooling. 

Dust and moisture (often in combination with salty air) are the biggest threats to your air conditioner. Dust affects the flow of air by attaching itself to the numerous fans, reducing their efficiency, and it gets trapped by the filters, eventually creating a solid barrier. Dust also tends to form a sticky mass around the heat exchanger, effectively forming an insulative shroud that prevents heat energy conversion into cold air.

It is certainly possible to DIY service most residential air conditioners by following the manual. This operation is usually limited to replacing or washing the air filters and removing visible dust from certain unit sections. Cleaning the heat exchanger, fans, compressor, and such components must always be left to qualified technicians, as it is easy to damage them with the wrong cleaning fluids and methods. A qualified technician must always perform commercial air conditioning maintenance.

Signs When You Need to Call Us

The first sign that you must call us to service your residential or commercial air conditioner is if you haven't done so for quite a few years. Perhaps you've noticed that you must set the A/C cooler to get the same blast out of it as before. Well, your A/C has gradually lost its efficiency and requires a comprehensive servicing and cleaning by a professional technician.

The second sign that you must call us to service your residential or commercial air conditioner is if it is making rattling, grinding or whining noises – or no noise at all. Something is loose inside, or a bearing has worn down. Repair in these cases is often quite easy unless the problem was left for too long and it causes other damage to the A/C unit.

The second sign that you must call us to service your residential or commercial air conditioner is if it is spring. It is always good maintenance to have your A/C serviced before it has to work exceptionally hard during the summer.


Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing

The technicians at AEP Air & Refrigeration are commercially qualified on various makes of air conditioners, fully licensed, and all have active police clearances. We perform repairs, services and installations of evaporative and refrigerated split and ducted systems in residential homes and commercial properties.

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