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We Make Your Air Conditioning Installation Around Adelaide Simpler

Having a reliable team to handle your air conditioning installation around Adelaide ensures you stay cool during the scorching summers. At AEP Air & Refrigeration, we bring experience and qualification to your home or business for high quality air conditioner installations.


What to Consider When You Need an Air Conditioning Installation

Before you commit to finding someone around Adelaide Hills for an air conditioning service, there are a few things you can think about. While it’s easy to want to get your air conditioner installed as soon as possible, there are ways to make the most of it.

The Type of the Installation

The type of installation is an important thing to consider for both residential and commercial air conditioning installation. You might only want a single back-to-back unit installed in your home or an entire ducted air conditioning system installed.

Installation Size

If you’re deciding on a ducted system, the size of the installation is something to consider. The benefit of a ducted system is that it can keep multiple rooms cool, but it requires more planning and money.

Your Budget

Your budget will ultimately dictate what you can and can’t install. Luckily, at AEP Air & Refrigeration, we have strong relationships with local suppliers, allowing us to provide affordable installations. Once you know your budget, speak to one of our professionals, and we will let you know which air conditioning models we can provide.


Browse Our Services for Mt Barker Air Conditioning

We are always happy to assist if you need residential or commercial air conditioner installers in Adelaide or the surrounds. You can book a free quote for our installations by providing us with the information mentioned above. Alternatively, consider browsing our services for air conditioning maintenance or repairs if you already have an air conditioner installed.

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